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Vasubandhu Manke
Narayana Sarma
Narayana Sarma, 20, Amritian, Politics Buff, Movie Maniac, Avid Photographer, Bday next to Vday
139k ViewsUpvoted by Shubham Utkarsh, Indian and Srikrishna, Victim of Chennai floods.
Vjay Balaji
Vjay Balaji, Honest res ponder :D
424.4k ViewsUpvoted by Jyoti Patil, Physician. Singer. Polyglot. Southpaw. #INFJ and Jayanth Kumar, Former Facebook Employee
Most Viewed Writer in Social Media
Dylan James
Dylan James, The mind is the final frontier
596.9k ViewsUpvoted by Tony Bridges, I have depression with a side order of anxiety. My wife is the opposite. and Anita Sanz, Psychologist